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Above Sea Fossilized Coral Calcium

Fossilized coral calcium is the most advanced product

known to man to relieve deficiency symptoms.

This body building product will erase your calcium deficiency.

coral calciumPeople take nutritional supplements to enhance the way their body functions.  They may be healthy and looking to stay that way, feeling lackluster and looking for more zip, or chronically ill and tired of the drug industry.  In all cases, it doesn't matter what nutritional supplement you ingest, if your body is acidic it won't respond.  If it's alkaline, it will respond.  Calcium supplements raise pH and fossilized (above sea level) calcium is the most advanced coral calcium product known to man.  Here are the three main reasons:

  1. Alkalize your body pH to resist disease. If your system is acidic it won't matter what other nutritional supplements you take for healing benefits because none of them will work in that environment.  Disease cannot exist in an alkaline body and the more a body is acidic the more it becomes an ideal environment for many diseases.  160 degenerative diseases have been linked to acidic body fluids according to many health experts.  They include Heart Disease, Diabetes, Arthritis, and Cancer. 

  2. Get all of the minerals, not just calcium.  Calcium does not function alone.  It needs all the other minerals in the correct ratio to help your body's health. Coral has all the minerals and elements in the human body in proportionate amounts. Your cellular functions rely on this synergistic mineral balance.  Some trace minerals are entirely missing from your food yet they have an important function to play in optimizing your health.  Our product contains them all!

  3. Absorption is the key with fossilized coral calcium.  Many Calcium supplements are poorly absorbed.  When comparing calcium products it's not how many milligrams you take that counts, but how much actually reaches your cells.  Recent studies have shown most commonly used calcium supplements have very little absorption.  Fossilized coral calcium provides the most bio-available form of calcium and minerals available.  The little coral creatures who digested sea water containing a perfect mineral balance are now processed so that you can enjoy the highest bio-available, organic form of calcium on the planet today.  Our high potency, professionally formulated, coral calcium is the best calcium supplement on the market at a very reasonable price! 

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So what's the best way to get your body into an alkaline state?  You can buy really cheap calcium tablets for $3 per bottle in any grocery or drug store and get nothing more than a good case of diarrhea!  Some don't even dissolve in water and are totally useless!  The more you research the more you'll discover that coral calcium supplement from the islands of Okinawa is the best source of calcium for the human body and will get you to your pH goals in the fastest and most efficient way. 

There are two sources of Okinawa Coral:  "fossilized coral" which is mined above sea level and "marine coral" vacuumed from the ocean bottom near the Coral reefs.  Laboratory analysis of the two kinds shows each variety has 74 minerals with similar quantities. Above-sea fossilized coral usually has 35%-38% Calcium while the marine variety has 20%-24% calcium. This is probably due to the fact that there is a lot of sand content contained in the coral calcium vacuumed off the ocean floor. 

Also, because fossilized coral is in aragonite form it is more soluble than the marine variety that is treated with heat and becomes a calcite form of crystal.  Clearly, for all these reasons, fossilized coral calcium is the only way to go when seeking to increase your pH. 

You have healthy, alkaline body fluids as a child, but as you reach your thirties more minerals leave your body than you ingest.  It is this loss of minerals that causes your body to become increasingly acidic.  Our product re-supplies these minerals.  When your body becomes acidic (low pH), that means there is a shortage of oxygen in your cells.  This lack of oxygen leads to disease and accelerated aging.  Our fossilized coral calcium is ideal for raising your pH because it contains ALL the minerals in your body in similar proportion and provides them in a highly bio-available ionized state!  Our coral calcium product is a whole food.  Supplementing with fossilized coral calcium makes a big difference.

PH levels can be raised in just a few weeks for children on fossilized coral calcium but will often take several months for middle aged or older adults. Start your pH therapy right away by giving your body the calcium and minerals it needs in order to resist degenerative diseases!

SUGGESTED USE: 3 capsules per day after meal, or as directed by your physician.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 3 Capsules

Servings Per Bottle: 30


Per Serving

% Daily Value

Coral Calcium Mineral Complex
Contains up to 74 minerals and elements.

3300 mg



1000 mg



400 mg


Boron (From Citrate)

1.5 mg


Vitamin D

600 IU


Made from above the sea coral from Okinawa, Japan area.

* Daily value not established.

Other ingredients: Size 00 Gelatin Capsule. Contains no fillers or flow agents.

Actual Calcium Content 1000 mg  ( per 3 capsules ).

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